River Where the Moon Rises – მდინარე, სადაც მთვარე ამოდის 1x1

Salt Monopoly / Queen Yeon Confronts Go Won Pyo

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Go Won Pyo of the Gyeru Tribe comes before King Pyeongwon and threatens him with his private army for the exclusive rights to salt. Despite the King's unrest, Queen Yeon leaves for patrol taking Princess Pyeonggang with her. Meanwhile, On Hyeop the chief of the Sunno Tribe tests his son's manhood. Part 2: While Queen Yeon visits On Hyeop, Go Won Pyo arrives on King Pyeongwon's decree to kill Queen Yeon and Princess Pyeonggang. Princess Pyeonggang escapes with Dal's help as Oh Hyeop and Queen Yeon confronts Go Won Pyo. Meanwhile, King Pyeongwon looks for Wol Gwang, Queen Yeon's secret lover.
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