Coffee Prince – ყავის პრინცი 1x2

Second Cup

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Hyan Gyul still thinking she's a man, asks Eun Chan to pretend to be his "gay lover". She agrees to only show up on his blind dates, and he must buy her clothes and any time he touches her will be extra, [i]and[i] he has to give her an advance payment. Desperate he agreed. Eun Chan has feelings for Hyan Gyul's brother Han Sung, but then his ex-girlfriend Yu Ju returns and says she wants to get back together with him. Hyan Gyul's grandmother owns a coffee shop and she forces him to visit it with here, and then she reveals his new assignment.
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    meore sezoni aqvs?

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    Meotxe seria ar irtveba ikneb gaasworot

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      სანამ პირველი ფლეიერი გასწორდება შეგიძლიათ მეორე ფლეიერით ნახოთ

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    Yureba minda

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